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Aquador 27HT Owner's Manual
Aquador 27HT Owner's Manual
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Aquador 25 CE

Aquador Boats History

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AQUADOR is a legendary Finnish manufacturer, which has quickly and long since gained popularity both in Finland and in Europe, is a  part of the Bella Veneet OY concern since 2000.


It is the intention to bring to the world market a new name for high-quality ships that meet all European requirements and combine the Scandinavian security traditions that led to the merging of companies. And this goal was successfully achieved.

Durability, reliability and practicality of Aquador yachts allowed the manufacturer to confidently find its niche in the market of ships and earn the love of many shipowners who appreciate the combination of comfort and reliability.


The same fact allows not to be sprayed on an impressive model range - there are not so many models in the line, but each of them meets the most stringent Scandinavian requirements and has a European CE certificate.


You can hardly imagine a light Italian brand in the harsh Baltic conditions, and the Aquadors, easily recognizable by their blue sides, cope with storms confidently.