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Rinker Boat Runabout and Cuddy Cabine Owner's Manual
Rinker Boat Runabout and Cuddy Cabine Owner's Manual
Rinker Boat Runabout and Cuddy Cabine Ow
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Rinker Cruisers Owner's Manual
Rinker Cruisers Owner's Manual
Rinker Cruisers Owner's Manual.pdf
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History of Rinker Boats

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Rinker is one of the best-known American shipyards in the world, which is also considered one of the oldest and largest in the United States.


It has gone from a modest family-owned company to the largest American exporter, one of the leaders in the global arena of shipbuilding. Rinker specializes in cruise and sports boats and premium yachts up to 42 feet long.


The history of this American shipyard began in 1930, when the American farmer Rinker decided to engage in the construction of fishing, and somewhat later, racing boats, having established a production site on the White River.

Subsequently, the sons joined the father’s business, and the valuable experience accumulated over the years of the shipyard’s existence is confidently combined with bold modern innovations, which easily allows the brand to maintain its reputation as one of the best in the United States and the world, where its representative offices exist in more than 40 different countries.


In 1945, the first sports model of the Famous Craft series was launched at this American shipyard, and already in 1958, fiberglass boats were launched under this brand as one of the first in the United States. Another specific feature of the production of Rinker was the use of a special technology for painting the bodies.


In the 60s. the company was already confidently exploring the European market, and in the 70s, models of racing boats up to 20 feet long began to be produced here, a specific feature of which was the V-shaped hull.


Rinker was one of the first American shipyards to offer trimaran boats with outboard and built-in motors to its customers.