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Manitou Pontoon Boats Owner's Manual
Manitou Pontoon Boats Owner's Manual
Manitou Pontoon Boats Owner's Manual.pdf
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History of Manitou Pontoon Boats

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Manitou Shipyard was founded in the United States in 1986. The founders of the company wanted to create new pontoon boats of decent quality and sell them at a reasonable price.


Such a simple strategy allowed a small family production to occupy a confident position in the market and enter the international level.


The company's specialists are constantly trying to invent something new. For example, the patented V-Toon technology allows you to give the pontoon the characteristics of a V-shaped body.


Therefore, Manitou models can compete with conventional fiberglass boats in speed and maneuverability. The volume of usable space exceeds the same indicator for boats.

In 2018, Canadian concern BRP bought the shipyard Manitou.


The company owns a plant located in Lansing, Michigan. Over 160 qualified specialists take part in the construction of boats, and their own design bureau is working on the creation of new models.


The bulk of the boats is sold through an extensive network of dealers in the USA and Canada, which has about 150 outlets.