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Terhi Boats Owner's Manual
Terhi Boats Owner's Manual
Terhi Boats Owner's Manual.pdf
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History of Terhi Boats

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For more than 40 years, the Finnish company Terhi has been developing and manufacturing durable and safe boats, suitable for use in the most difficult conditions.


With unique manufacturing techniques and broad product development coverage, Terhi has built a solid reputation as a favorite and internationally respected brand among boat builders.


A wide range of boats means that the company has excellent vessels for all waters and various needs.


A good example is the Terhi Nordic 6020 boat, sold in different variations from the Baltic to the Caribbean, from the Mediterranean to the North Atlantic, and the 6020 is good for the lakes of Bavaria and Scandinavia.

The range includes favorites such as the 385 rowing boat, arguably the best-selling European model with over 40,000 units.


Terhi boats are a smart choice, and not only because of their latest technology in manufacturing. The boats are very reliable and durable and will last much longer than conventional plastic boats.


Terhi boats are made of ABS thermoplastic, which is resistant to UV radiation, adverse weather and atmospheric conditions.


ABS thermoplastic is much stronger than conventional reinforced plastic, and therefore the Terhi boat will serve you much longer.