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MotorGuide Xi5
MotorGuide Marine Outboard Freshwater, Saltwater,Tour & Tour ES Owner's Manual
MotorGuide Marine Outboard Freshwater, Saltwater,Tour & Tour ES Owner's Manual
MotorGuide Marine Outboard Freshwater, S
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MotorGuide Marine History

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MotorGuide is a renowned creator of electric motors for motor boats. Now this brand belongs to the Brunswick concern - a leading manufacturer of goods for sports and outdoor activities.


The manufacturer is also known for the release of the world's best outboard gasoline engines Mercury, and this brand certainly does not need to be introduced and is well known to all, without exception, fans of water-powered vehicles.


The idea of a modern boat electric motor was introduced by a fisherman named John Harris from Jackson, Mississippi, in the early 1960s.

Experimenting with the electric motor device, Harris developed a system for controlling direction, due to a special spring. Such a motor could be controlled through a special pedal. The spring mechanism returned the engine to a straight position, and pressing the pedal caused a turn in the right direction.


In 1969, the patented Guide-Rite gear technology was improved. This has made the control of the boat electric motor more sensitive and reliable. In the same year, the Guide-Rite brand was renamed MotorGuide and received the brand name.


The company's engineers experimented with permanent magnets. This allowed us to create a more powerful motor, with smaller sizes.


Immediately after that, Super MotorGuide was developed - an electric motor that used Darlington transistors. Improvement contributed to the creation of an engine model with variable speed. The stepless gearbox allowed saving up to 75% of the total engine power.


In the 70s, the brand created 12 and 24-volt outboard electric motors of increased traction. You could go on one 12 volt battery, or connect a second one in series, increasing speed. Power increased to 24 pounds.


In 1984, MotorGuide was bought by Brunswick Corporation. A Texas based Swivl-Eze company specializing in marine accessories was also acquired.