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Larson Sport Owner's Manual
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History of Larson Boats

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Larson is a popular American shipyard with a little over a century of history.


Its creator Paul Larson initially could hardly have thought that his brainchild would become a true symbol of success and high quality in the field of yachting shipbuilding for an entire era.


Even now, when the shipyard’s reputation is firmly established in the most successful positions in the world of leading yacht manufacturers, here, with the same fiery passion as in the first years of the Larson brand’s existence, new boat models are created, using for their creation the rich, accumulated over the years existence experience.

And it all began at the dawn of the 20th century, in 1913, when in the town of Minnesota on the Mississippi coast, Larson created a small shipyard, trying to bring other Americans to his passion for yachts.


The first boat models produced at Larson's production sites had a classic design and high quality that did not go unnoticed by connoisseurs of sea travel.


Particular attention should be paid to Larson's patented special technology for processing fiberglass under pressure, which allows the creation of heavy-duty hulls that ensure maximum reliability of yachts in general.


This American shipyard even gives a lifetime warranty on the hulls of its production.


The special Americanore sandwich construction used for hulls easily dampens probable noise and vibration, which ensures a particularly comfortable stay on yachts of any model of this brand. Larson hulls are characterized by a V-shaped bow and a flat part at the transom.