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2005 Rotax (SeaDoo) 717-787 RFI Shop Manual
2005 Rotax (SeaDoo) 717-787 RFI Shop Manual
2005 SeaDoo Rotax 717-787 RFI Shop Manua
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.4 MB
2005 Rotax (SeaDoo) 1503 4-tech Shop Manual
2005 Rotax (SeaDoo) 1503 4-tech Shop Manual
2005 SeaDoo Rotax 1503 4-tech Shop Manua
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Rotax 1630 Marine Engine

History of Rotax Engines

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The history of ROTAX dates back to 1920, when ROTAX-WERK AG was founded in Dresden (Germany). In 1943, the company moved to neighboring Austria in the city of Wells, and after the end of WWII, it settled in the suburban Gunskirchen, where it still operates today.


ROTAX gained worldwide fame in 1950, when Lohnerwerke GmbH began production of the LOHNER scooter. At that time, ROTAX-WERK AG, a subsidiary of Lohnerwerke GmbH, supplied two-stroke engines for this legendary scooter. At that time, LOHNER became one of the main means of transportation in the cities of post-war Austria.


At the end of the fifties, the inventor of snowmobiles Joseph-Armand Bombardier realized his childhood dream: he founded in 1942 the company L'Auto-Neige Bombardier (today - the corporation Bombardier Inc.) began mass production of snowmobiles.


The bombardier began to look for a suitable engine for his Ski-Doo, and in 1962 he opted for ROTAX engines. After eight years of successful collaboration, the Canadian corporation incorporated ROTAX into its structure.


The company subsequently changed its name to Bombardier-ROTAX, then - BRP-ROTAX, and, finally, today the company is officially called BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG.

In addition to engines for snowmobiles, in the seventies ROTAX in large quantities produced motorcycle engines of the Motocross and Enduro series. By the end of the decade, more than 2,000,000 units have already been produced. Until the eighties, ROTAX produced only two-stroke engines. In 1982, the first four-stroke motorcycle engine was announced.


At the beginning of the eighties, a new market arose and began to develop rapidly in the USA: small private aircraft with low cost - ultralights. ROTAX quickly responds to new trends and in 1982 begins production of lightweight, reliable aircraft engines.


Over the past three decades, ROTAX has firmly gained a leading position in the market of aircraft engines for motor hang gliders, ultralights and VLA class vehicles. To date, more than 100,000 ROTAX 2- and 4-stroke aircraft engines have been produced.


Currently, in addition to motorcycle, aircraft, and snowmobile engines, ROTAX also produces motors for jet skis and boats SEA-DOO, as well as land-based gasoline engines for fire pumps, agricultural installations, etc. The total volume of production exceeded to date time 6,000,000 engines.


ROTAX Engines use Scarab Boats.