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Centurion Tow Boat Operator's Manual
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History of Centurion Boats

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1978. Production in Merced, California, was a dream, and not only for the future Centurion company, but for all boat manufacturers.


In the future, this place has become fertile ground for many leaders in the water sports industry.


Today, production workshops have an area of about 11,000 m2, and the entire production takes up almost 2.4 hectares, including a lake for full-scale testing.


Centurion developed the Warrior Barefoot boat, which, in turn, became a cult among fans of this sport, which provided the manufacturer with an impressive annual sales volume.


In 1985, the boat became the first outboard boat to tow an athlete at the prestigious AWSA Barefoot National Championships.


Even today, this boat remains a legend with unique qualities for competitors.


In 2000, Centurion opened a second plant in Woodland, North Carolina to meet growing demand.


Centurion Boats use PCM Marine Engines.