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Buster Boats Owner's Manual
Buster Boats Owner's Manual
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Buster Boats History

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The Finnish company Inha Works Ltd has been producing aluminum boats and boats since 1955.


Over the years, the company has become one of the largest manufacturers of recreational vessels in Europe. The Buster brand entered the life of the company only 20 years later - a short and telling name was suggested by one of the advertising agencies with which the company collaborated.


For many years, the Buster brand belonged to the Finnish corporation Fiskars. In 2016, the latter sold Buster to Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., which worked closely with Inha Works.

The main Buster market remains the Scandinavian countries - Finland, for example, accounts for about 18% of the company's sales, and in Sweden every eighth boat sold is Buster. Buster boats are also exported to Russia, Germany and Norway. The company has an extensive network of dealers in Europe.


Buster prides itself in making reliable, versatile, versatile boats that are easy to operate and maintain. The company guarantees the quality of the cases with its own production technology AHT (Aluminum Hull Technology by Buster).


In 2018, the company introduced the Buster mobile application, which allows you to integrate the boat with a smartphone.