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Stingray Powerboat
Stingray Powerboats Owner's Manual
Stingray Powerboats Owner's Manual
Stingray Powerboats Owner's Manual.pdf
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History of Stingray Boats

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Stingray is one of the relatively young American shipyards, which with ease over several years of its existence was able to achieve serious success, becoming one of the leaders in the market for small craft manufacturers and still continuing to maintain its leadership.


The small motorboat company was founded in South Carolina in 1979.


At the dawn of its existence, this shipyard was a minimally equipped technical base and a small team of skilled craftsmen, and its founder Al Fink was convinced of the possibility of turning the enterprise into a successful business of creating the best, if not all over the world, then at least on the North American continent of motor vessels.


The modern line of boats produced here is represented by 20 different models of motor boats for fishing and active pastime in the vast expanses of water.


All Stingray products are primarily family-friendly, but there are also several representative boat models.