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Weldcraft Boats Model Guide
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History of WeldCraft Boats

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The history of the WeldCraft company began with the journey of the shipyard founder Norman Evan Riddle and his close friend through the recalcitrant waters of the Snake River to Hells Canyon (USA).


The adventure sparked Norman's passion for boats and led him to create a shipbuilding business in 1968.


The shipyard's boats were among the first boats to pass the rapids of the Snake River with confidence. The creators paid special attention to the strength and reliability of the structure.


There was no room for fancy decoration. Today WeldCraft is part of the Renaissance Marine Group (RMG), which also owns Duckworth and Northwest Boats.

WeldCraft is located on the banks of the famous Snake River in Clarkston, Washington, just like 50 years ago.


Installation and welding of aluminum hull structures is done manually, which provides the boats with high reliability.


The company manufactures aluminum fishing boats from 17 to 26 feet in length.


The WeldCraft shipyard has earned the trust of its customers for the durability of its models, ease of operation and concise yet functional design.


Today the company occupies one of the leading positions in the segment of aluminum boats.